How to grow Common Managu in Kenya

Learning how to grow Common Managu in Kenya (nightshade) is very important as these vegetables have become one of the most profitable vegetable to grow due to its high demand. A shift in the agri-business has seen a major shift on how agriculture is done. Due to this change today we are going to give you some tips on how to grow managu in Kenya.

Common nightshade (Managu/Mnavu/Ogusa/Kitulu)

As one of the most healthy and profitable vegetables to grow in Kenya, common nightshade, commonly known as managu, has become one of the favourite vegetable to many Kenyans. In major food joints it will be among the veggies on the menu. For someone interested in growing vegetables managu should be on your list.

How to grow Common Managu in Kenya


How to grow Common managu in Kenya (nightshade)

To grow managu the ideal climate is cool-warm. The plant spacing will require 30*10 centimetres. With adequate watering managu will take around 30-45 days to mature. With optimal climatic conditions one can harvest up to 3500 kgs of manage in one acre.

Finding market for managu in Kenya

Once your managu are ready for harvesting you ca find market from groceries, supermarkets and even common markets in both urban and rural markets. Due to its nutrients the demand is usually higher than the supply hence you are likely to make higher profits. You can also find market in restaurants

Health benefits of Managu

Some of the nutrients found in managu include

  • Proteins
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin c
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamin A and B

In addition you will also get fiber and carbohydrates.  Having all these nutrients makes these vegetable have the following health benefits

  • Increases level of blood by assist in the development of red blood cells
  • Due to the fibre it Improves digestion hence reducing chances of experiencing constipation
  • Helps to developing a healthy skin  as it has vitamin c
  • With calcium as one of its ingredients eating managu improve the level of calcium hence the formation of strong bones
  • Improves eyesight