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Thyme is a delicate looking herb with a penetrating fragrance. Thyme leaves are curled, elliptically shaped and very small, measuring about one-eighth of an inch long and one-sixteenth of an inch wide.  The upper part of the leaf is green-grey in color, while the bottom is whitish in color.Kenya Thyme Herb
There are different varieties of thyme including lemon thyme, French thyme, orange thyme and silver thyme.
Thyme is a small, attractive herb with a plethora of small white, pink, or lilac flowers.

Thyme has been used since ancient times for its aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties. Common thyme or lemon thyme is most popular for cooking. Fresh or dried, thyme leaves and flowers lend a sprightly essence to flavoring casseroles, stews, soups and sautéed vegetables.
Thyme is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, a good source of iron, copper, manganese, and dietary fiber.

Thyme should be added toward the end of the cooking process since heat can easily cause a loss of its delicate flavor.

Thyme from Kenya – Kenya Thyme Herb

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