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Coriander is considered both an herb and a spice since both the leaves and seeds are used as a seasoning condiment. Kenya Coriander
Coriander is a soft plant growing that grows upto 50 cm tall. Its leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems. The seeds are normally used as a spice or an added ingredient in other foods or recipes.

Coriander seeds are almost spherical, one end slightly pointed and the other slightly flattened. The length of the seed is 3 – 5 mm and brown in color when dried, but may be green or off white.
All parts of the Coriander are edible, although the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking.
Fresh coriander leaves are vibrantly fresh and deep green in color and should be firm, crisp and free from yellow or brown spots.
The leaves are variously referred to as coriander leaves, dhania, fresh coriander, Chinese parsley, or cilantro.
One of the uses of coriander seed is in curry powders. It is often grounded to give a crunchy texture. Coriander seeds can be used in stews and soups. It blends well with smoked meats.
The leaves have a different taste from the seeds

The nutritional value of coriander seeds is different from the fresh stems or leaves. The Coriander Leaves are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A, with moderate content of dietary minerals.  The seeds have lower content of vitamins, and provide significant amounts of calcium, dietary fiber, selenium, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

Coriander from Kenya

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