Kenya Chives

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Chives belong to the same family as onion, leeks and garlic. Chives are grown for their leaves and flowers. They are a hardy, drought-tolerant perennial growing to about 10-12 inches tall. They grow in clumps from underground bulbs and produce round, hollow leaves that are much finer than onion.
Kenya Chives
Chives grow best in soils that are high in organic matter. They do well in areas with full sun.
Chives are harvested throughout the season to prevent the leaves from becoming tough and to encourage formation of new bulb lets.  Chives flowers can also be harvested for use as an edible garnish.

Uses of Chives
– Leaves can be used to flavor salads, soups, stews, vinegars, cheese dishes, sour cream and butter.
– Add to dishes at the very end of the cooking process.

Chives from Kenya | Kenya Chives

Kenya grows different types of chives. The climate is perfect for growing chives, Owing to its position on the equator, rich and moist soils, sun and annual rainfall.
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Kenya Fruits Exporters follows the best practices for growing, harvesting, packaging, and exporting of  Chives.
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