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Kenya Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. The fruit is also a very good source of copper and a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folate, dietary fiber and pantothenic acid.Kenya Pineapples
Pineapples have a wide cylindrical shape, scaly green, brown or yellow skin and a royal crown of spiny, blue-green leaves. Kenya PineapplesIts fibrous flesh is yellow in color and has an exciting tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. Area closer to the base of the fruit has more sugar content and therefore a sweeter taste and more tender texture.

The pineapple plant is a tropical, perennial, drought-tolerant plant, a terrestrial herb which grows 2 1/2 to 5ft high or even higher with a spread of 3 to 4ft; a very short, stout stem and a rosette of waxy, strap like leaves, long-pointed.

Its pulp is juicy and fleshy with the stem serving as a supporting fibrous core. The outer skin features rough, tough, and scaly rind. A ripe pineapple color may be orange-yellow, yellow or reddish.
Kenya Fresh pineapple is produced and sold all year round.  Grading of pineapples for fresh market is based on appearance, sweetness, colour, aroma and size.

Benefits of Kenya Pineapples
–    Potential Anti-Inflammatory and Digestive Benefits.
–    Antioxidant Protection and Immune Support.
–    Protection against Macular Degeneration.
– Fresh pineapple is low in calories. It is also a storehouse for several unique health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health.
– Pineapple fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain that digests food by breaking down protein. Bromelain also has anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and anti-cancer properties.
– Fresh pineapple is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin; vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for the collagen synthesis in the body.
– Studies have shown that consumption of pineapple regularly helps fight against arthritis, indigestion and worm infestation.
– It also contains small amount Vitamin and beta-carotene levels.

How to Enjoy Pineapple
– Pineapples can be consumed fresh
– Fresh juice can be extracted from pineapples which is refreshing.
– Fresh pineapple sections are a great addition to fruit salads and in toppings.
– It also used in the preparation of desserts, jams, and jellies.
– The fruit is used in a variety of delicious pineapple recipes, mainly as a flavoring ingredient.

Pineapples from Kenya – Kenya Pineapples

Kenya Fruits Exporters grows and exports Sweet, Smooth Cayenne, and Baby Kenya Pineapples. Kenya Climate is conducive for growing Kenya Pineapples and we are committed in exporting the finest pineapples from Kenya to all parts of the world.

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