Kenya Pawpaws

Looking for Kenya Fresh Pawpaws? Get the best Pawpaws from Kenya.
Kenya Pawpaws are grown in tropical climates. Their sweet taste, texture, vibrant color and wide variety of health benefits are just a few reasons to add them to your diet.
Kenya Pawpaws
Kenya PawpawsBenefits of Paw Paw
–    Pawpaws are rich in Vitamins. Eating paw paw helps your body metabolize the other food you eat. Paw paw contains vitamin B-6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate and niacin. B-complex vitamins work together to help your body convert carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy. Pawpaw contains antioxidants providing you one-half of the vitamin C you should get each day. Vitamin C plays a role in keeping your cells healthy and your immune system strong, and it helps your body absorb some essential minerals, such as iron and calcium.
–    Pawpaw is a rich source of minerals. It contains magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus you need.
–    Cancer Benefits- according to researchers it offers some form of benefits to patients with cancer. Pawpaw is a rich source of antioxidants that the body needs to fight against cancer-causing cells.
–    Weight Control- good for those who want to lose weight or control their current weight.
–    Improving blood glucose control in diabetics.
–    Lowering blood pressure.
–    Improving wound healing.
–    Prevents Premature Aging – Pawpaw helps the body to properly digest food and when the body digests all the nutrients it needs, the body will remain vital for a long time.
–    Prevents Heart Attacks and Strokes.
–    Used as a Cleanser.
–    Used to Treat Digestive Disorders – great source of proteolytic enzymes that are very important in digesting food.
–    Treats Inflammation.

Pawpaws from Kenya – Kenya Pawpaws

We are growers and exporters of Kenya Pawpaws. The country has suitable climate and fertile soils for sweet taste, healthy and tasty Kenya Pawpaws.
Our Kenya Pawpaws are grown or produced in line with the best Agricultural Practices as set by the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture to ensure you get the best quality.

Get the best Kenya Fresh Pawpaws. Contact us today for Kenya Pawpaws. Pawpaw Exporters in Kenya

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