Kenya Avocados

We are Kenya Avocado Growers and Exporters. All our Kenya Avocados are hand-grown, selectively handpicked and grown naturally under Equatorial sun. Get Quality Kenya Avocados.
Kenya Avocados
At Kenya Fruit Exporters, we believe in the power of real fruit to inspire people to live better, to nurture healthy communities and to celebrate nature’s goodness across the world.

Kenya AvocadosThe main areas in Kenya where avocados are grown are the central highlands of Kenya mainly Muranga, Thika, Embu Nyeri and Meru areas. Though there are other avocado growing areas outside Central Kenya such as Kisii, Eldoret, Subukia, Nakuru and Naivasha.

Our Avocados

Our Avocados are grown naturally in the most ideal conditions in the world right on the equator and high up in the mountains. Thus require very little crop protection as well as making it organically grown and produced.

Kenya’s equatorial climate allows it to produce avocado throughout the year.  The main season for Kenya avocados is March to September. The Fuerte is available from March and Hass variety being available from May.

The tropical climate and different avocado growing zones in Kenya, enables it to have the fruit throughout the year although in smaller quantities outside the main season period.

Hass Avocados
Hass avocados are oval in shape with a “pebbly” textured skin and turns dark purple when ready to eat. The Avocado is in high demand in European Union markets.
The Hass avocado season runs from June to mid-September.

Fuerte Avocados
Fuerte avocados are green with a smooth skin. The skin remains green as it becomes ripe and ready for eating.
Fuerte avocado season starts from March/April.

The Kenya Avocados are exported though Air Freight and Sea Freight. Orders by sea freight are specially picked and packed to ensure the avocados are delivered to the vessel in the shortest possible time thus enabling the best quality fruit upon arrival at our customers.

Avocado Packhouses
At Kenya Fruits Exporters Packhouse all avocados are graded to eliminate fruit with physical quality defects such as insect, wind damage, sunburn, bruising and the fruit is also weight sized. Avocados are packed into cartons with net weights of either 4 kg or bulk packs of 8 kg. The Packed fruit is then placed in cold rooms to cool in preparation for shipping.

We are the leading Avocado Exporters in Kenya

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